STX Technology with CANBus Capability

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

STX Technology with CANBus Capability


While the development of Controller Area Networks (CANBus) came about in conjunction with Electronic Control Units (ECUs) as a way to safely and efficiently provide uninterrupted communication within vehicles; the adoption of their use in industrial machinery, transportation systems and automation is becoming commonplace.


Embedded Electronics

Within a range of industrial settings, CANBus as an embedded electronic system is available in-vehicle units like the XRH series supporting a dedicated processing component to perform functions seamlessly.

STX and CANBus

Engines, alarms, control units, ABS, transmission, fuel systems, batteries, speed, safety mechanisms and other variables perform a multitude of tasks competing for space in the processing unit. STX Technology can include CANBus to assist with coordinated, coherent operations. You can observe a video on CANBus with our products here.

STX Technology and CANBus CANBus with the 5200 range

XRH 7000 and X5200 Range

Real Time Diagnostics and Display

Obtaining information directly in real time provides greater control for a safer more streamlined network. It is also worthwhile looking at the X7500, X7200 and X5200 range for examples of the quality harsh environment products that CANBus works well with. Here at STX Technology we take pride in the development of creative and innovative computing products.

Our products are designed to provide robust solutions to meet industrial demands and including a CANBus module in your unit is no exception. A CANBus controller is compatible for installation in virtually all STX Technology models. 

Allow us to provide the computing support for your business today.

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