Dairy Computers

STX Technology manufactures touch computers using food grade stainless steel for a range of dairy applications including milk and milk powder production, control, cowsheds and plant operation. Our Dairy Computers are designed especially for harsh environments and trusted by leading companies in New Zealand and Australia.

STX Technology’s computer range for the dairy industry includes fully sealed stainless steel touch computers, touch panel PCs and touch monitors. These units provide a modern, efficient and cost-effective solution. Using STX Technology’s Dairy Computers, staff have access to on-the-spot information as required. With harsh environment computers from STX Technology, your critical production can be managed effectively and contribute to a greater yield and return. 



  • Milk Production Computers and Milk Powder Production Computers
  • Cowshed Computers

Computers and monitors for dairy production are manufactured in 304 Stainless Steel (316 optional) offering protection and ruggedness during cleaning. The replaceable sacrificial membrane helps to maximise the durability of the touch screen.

Projective Capacitive or Resistive Touch Screens are available in a range of screen sizes and can also be provided with a high bright daylight readable screen. Dairy Computers are equipped with IP67 rated connectors and variable mounting options. A selection of power input options and port configurations are available. Contact us today to find a solution for your business.


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