XRH7000 Vehicle Touch Computer (G3)

Monday, July 15, 2019
XRH7000 Vehicle Touch Computer XRH7000 DT Connectors

STX Technologys generation 3 Rugged Aluminium XRH7000 Vehicle Touch Computers are proving a successful strategy in wide range of different applications. The standard XRH7000 has 1000nits of brightness, zero brightness for night operation and sizes from 8 inch to 15 inch. There are 3 different models to suit most applications including unmanned vehicles. These fanless units come standard with RAM mounts for easy mounting. A VESA mount option is also available.

S Model
All-in-one Touch Computer has a high level of dust seal with batteries and a range of different configurable power control settings to suit a range of different specific safe shutdown requirements. It can be configured to stay running while the vehicle has been isolated. The Automotive DT connectors for Power and IO for ease of installation by an auto electrician. This unit is especially proving popular in mining applications and other tough environments.

E Model
All-in-one Touch Computer with automotive DT connectors for Power and has safe shutdown configuration options from 2 minutes to 2 hours from when the ignition is switched off. 90 minutes is popular as this means the unit stays running while the vehicle is stopped and started. Used in trucks, loaders and agriculture.

M Model
This tough Touch Monitor has a range of inputs, HDMI, VGA and DVI with standard USB touch input and option RS232. Used in forestry, mining and camera driven applications.

XRH7000 DT Connectors

The All-in-one Touch Computer units can be configured with a range of different options including up to 6 USB, RS232, CANBus, 3/4G, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPIO.

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